Introducing Drive

Make storage work for you.

Combine multiple storage and get extra free space.

Connect all your existing storage together, discover new ones, and make more space for your stuff.
Make your life easier with one login, one interface, for all your files.

Drive is your file browser
in the cloud.

Do everything you want with your files : search, copy, delete, rename and drag files where you need them to be. Always available in your browser, Drive is a must-have on your Chromebook.

Drive is your new workspace.

Drive gives you all the tools you need to work better. From documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs or pictures, you can open and edit everything and save it anywhere you want.

Drive works with all your content.

Make your storage useful: bring all your content back to life. Play your music, view and edit your photos and stream video even when the original services don’t offer that feature.

What they’ve said about us.

Jolicloud is on a journey to tackling fundamental problems about our online life, like how to interface and organise it all.
Mike Butcher

I like what I see here, particularly for Chrome OS users.
Kevin C. Tofel

#Drive by @Jolicloud is just amazing! All my cloud storage under one section: greatness!

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